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This is a simple webpart to show a list (with links) of subsites immediately below the current site.


This webpart will work on both Sharepoint 2010 and Sharepoint Foundation. On Sharepoint 2010 you could have used the built in “Table of Contents” webpart to do similar things but this one can also display the list as a dropdown list to save space on the webpage and it can open links in a new window.

image3_thumb3    image4_thumb
All the settings can by edited in the webpart configuration panel.


The settings are:

  • Show bullet in list – this will display the small square gif in front of the site name
  • Open link in new window – this will open the subsite in a new window
  • Show Site Description – this will show the description you entered when you created the subsite
  • Show icon – Shows a icon for the type of subsite, see picture.
  • Show as Dropdown list – Will display the subsites in a dropdown box to save space.
  • Sort by Date – This will sort the list of subsites by created date, the default is to sort by the site title
  • Sort Order – Select to sort the list Ascending or Descending.
  • Item Limit – limit the number of subsites to display in the list. Works only when webpart displays a list of subsites, if you display the sites in a dropdown list all sites swill be listed regardless of the number you put here.


More information about this webpart and other related Sharepoint information can be found at

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