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HowTo install the SubWebs Webpart

These are the installation instructions for the SubWebs webpart you can download here at CodePlex or at
First you need to download the ZIP file with the webpart. You can do that from here. Save the file on your server and unpack it. It contains only one file, subwebs.wsp, this is the solution package with the webpart. On you Sharepoint Server run “Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell”, you will find this on the Start Menu under Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Products. this is the Sharepoint Powershell command prompt. In the Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell type the following command:


Add-SPsolution <path to your subwebs.wsp file>

 Add Solution     



     Then type: Install-SPsolution –Identity subwebs.wsp –WebApplication <URL for your Sharepoint Server> –GACDeployment

Install Solution            


The solution should now be installed as a Feature on your Sharepoint server. The Feature needs to be Activated before you can use the Webpart. Open your browser and navigate to your Sharepoint site. Click the Site Actions menu and select Site Settings. On the Site Settings page click Site Collection Features under the Site Collection Administrators group. NOTE: you have to be a Site Collection Administrator to find this group of links.

 Site Settings

On the Site Collection Features page you should find a Feature called SubWebs Feature. Click the Activate button for this Feature.

 Activate Feature  

The webpart should now be available for use in Sharepoint and can be added to any page in the Sharepoint Site Collection. To use the webpart navigate to the page in Sharepoint where you would like to use the webpart and select Edit Page from the Site Actions menu. Select Insert in the ribbon to insert a webpart and the click the webpart button in the ribbon. You should find the SubWebs webpart under the custom node in the webparts categories.

  Add Webpart

Add it to your page and it will automatically show subsites below the current one that the user has permission to see. 

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